Networkfleet Wireless Vehicle Management provides integrated GPS tracking and diagnostic monitoring for your entire fleet.

Verizon Networkfleet’s Plan for AT&T 2G Migration

At Falcon, we strive to provide the best products and services to our customers. We have partnered with NetworkFleet, a Verizon subsidiary, to help our clients reduce fuel expenses, labor costs, and fleet maintenance expenses while increasing their ability to serve their customers more efficiently. To keep up with changing wireless technology, some of the devices in your fleet need to be replaced with upgraded hardware. The 2G network is being discontinued and Falcon is committed to making this transition as smooth as possible, with minimal impact to your business.

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Fleet Management Features

GPS Tracking

  • Networkfleet merges GPS technology with affordable wireless coverage.
Remote Diagnostics
  • Networkfleet differentiates itself from other products in that it interfaces with the engine computer of a vehicle to provide diagnostic information remotely.
Preventive Maintenance
  • Access to accurate mileage information is the key to a good preventive maintenance program. Networkfleet provides daily odometer updates and notifies you when vehicles have reached predetermined maintenance intervals.
  • Open a report to confirm driver deliveries, improve driver safety, or to monitor vehicle performance.
Safety & Security
  • Networkfleet™ offers one of the most effective stolen vehicle recovery products on the market today.
User Management
  • Networkfleet's user management capabilities allow you the flexibility to customize how you access your vehicles.
Data Integration
  • Integrating Networkfleet's vehicle location and diagnostic information into other business applications is quick and seamless using the Networkfleet Web Services API and DataConnect Services.


Save on Fuel.

Track vehicles’ location and routes with GPS Tracking

Save on Maintenance.

Receive remote diagnostic vehicle monitoring information

Increase Performance.
Analyze fleet performance with interactive reports and detailed statistics

Limit Losses.
Recover stolen vehicles and locate accidents quickly