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Star2Star Scalable Cloud Communications

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Unified Communications: What’s uniquely better about Star2Star’s architecture? All other voice and communications solutions are either on-premise or hosted in the cloud. There are advantages and disadvantages to each approach.

Star2Star delivers the benefits of both, while resolving their respective problems. We call it our Blended Architecture because it combines an on-premise Cloud Communication Manager with a suite of cloud-based services—hosted at highly-reliable, redundant data centers—to create a complete, feature-rich communications system.

Star2Star’s award-winning, patented cloud architecture overcomes the quality and reliability limitations of other technologies.

  • Self-monitoring capabilities with guaranteed 99.999% reliability
  • High quality, cost savings, flexibility and ease of use
  • Features set in the cloud, such as voice mail, auto-attendants, find-me/follow-me call routing, conference calling and ring groups
  • One provider, one monthly bill, one number to call for service A seamless "it just works" experience


Most hosted solutions have on-premise hardware, just as Star2Star does. The difference between Star2Star’s StarBox Cloud Connection Manager and competitors’ hardware is what’s inside. Our StarBox Cloud Connection Manager takes the place of a typical edge device, while also providing numerous additional features like built-in quality-of-service and call control.

There are several StarBox Cloud Connection Manager models for different sized business offices. All models are compact and energy efficient; the smallest draws only 6 watts of AC power. The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager operating software runs from flash or solid-state disk memory, so there’s no spinning hard drive to wear out or fail unexpectedly.

The StarBox Cloud Connection Manager connects over the Internet to Star2Star’s Constellation network. As its name implies, Constellation utilizes an array, or constellation, of call routing nodes and data centers, distributed across the country. The Constellation technology continually collects data about the performance of each node, as well as the performance of the Internet traffic surrounding each node. It then uses data collected from the nodes to determine the best call routing to use for each call placed on every Star2Star customer system.

Constellation assures users of the best possible call quality by dynamically determining the best route for calls to take as they traverse the Internet. The result is crisp, clear audio on every call, with no distortion, echo or delay.

Find out more on our StarBox Cloud Connection Manager family.

In the Cloud

In the Cloud

Our suite of cloud-based services is hosted at data centers in highly secure facilities, with redundant power, redundant Internet connectivity and strict security measures. The data centers contain servers for cloud-based voice mail, audio conferencing, automated attendants and other system features. Everything is continually monitored to minimize downtime and maximize call quality. Standard Star2Star system features include:

  • Auto attendants, call queues and ring groups
  • Best-in-class multiple location operation; call centers and hunt groups can span multiple office locations
  • Remote (off-campus) phones and PC, Mac, and iPhone based softphones operate the same way as local extensions
  • System wide conference calling with optional password protection
  • Find Me/Follow Me roaming keeps users reachable, even outside of the building
  • Dynamic line allocation reduces monthly costs; line bursting adds additional lines on the fly when needed for overflow traffic
  • Simple, easy to use interface for end users; easy web-based configuration for system managers

Made for More Productive Businesses

Our solution is ideal for businesses with multiple locations, off-campus users and more complex communication needs. Our customer retention rate of 99.85% is the highest of any provider and we have tens of thousands of satisfied customers across North America. Learn more about how we’ve revolutionized cloud communications by viewing our System Architecture Whitepaper.

Made for More Productive Businesses